All kind of Boards
On your TV set


Our boards tries to provide everything you need in order to not spend money on those odds and expensive led boards, all you need is a TV set, and you will enjoy a high class board. The size depends on your TV set.


If you'll like to obtain a personalized board for a competition or other kind of event your can contact us by email.-

Responsive Design

We try to design our boards ir order to be the most compliant with the responsive design, we apologise for errors that may be done in the way.


You already have a TV set, just plug and play to make use of our boards!


Below is a shortlist of our boards, feel free to enjoy for free of all of them.

Soccer Match

Basic Design

Volleyball Match

Basic Design

Simple Timer

Basic Design

Simple Poker Planning

Basic Design


This idea comes from when i was a boy and the countless times that i have watched soccer matches, basketball matches, and wished to have one signboard in the neighborhood field to play with my friends. So this is the answer to that wish!

  • 1995

    First Contact

    The first time I came across a computer I instantly knew it would be a long relationship. In the beginning there was darkness, and text only :(

  • June 2006

    Javascript hit me!

    I had the opportunity to work in my first Html project along with Javascript Objects, it blews my mind. No fancy libraries were available at that time, I used my bare hands.

  • Between 2006 - 2017

    Tons of Ideas

    In this period I had tons of great ideas, some good others, well, not so good. But they had in common that they were too complicated, too elaborated and too difficult to achieve for those reasons.

  • June 2017

    Here we are

    So, I changed the strategy and picked one simple and useful idea to make it work. And that's how we meet here. Hi!

  • Now
    You Know

Our "A" Team

All for one and one for all.

Héctor Vera

Full Stack

Only one face to represent all the people who helped with this crazy idea, with suggestions, translation, support both technical and psychological. So, if you'd like to help us, be welcome to do so.-.